". . . to make ready a people prepared for the Lord." (Luke 1:17)

I am happy to have an opportunity to write a recommendation for Chris Cochran.  I have known him for thirteen years and had the pleasure of having him in five of my classes.  I teach on Israel and the Middle East.

Chris Cochran has a tremendous commitment to the Lord and is truly anointed by the Holy Spirit.  He has a call on his life and is already moving in his gifting.  What sets him apart in my thinking is that he has taken the time and made the effort to develop his mind as well and expand the borders of his understanding of the Word and the effects of the Word on the world around him.  I am happy to have been a part of that here at Oral Roberts University.  I know that I will be in touch with Chris as he goes further into what the Lord is opening for him.

In our sharing and praying together, I have come to value his knowledge of the Scripture and his ability to move in the Spirit.  What is more, I trust him.  As the Bible says of some, I say of him, "The Word of Lord in his mouth is good."

John W. Swails III, Ph.D.
Professor of History and
Director of the Center
for Israel and Middle East Studies
Oral Roberts University

I would like to sincerely recommend Rev. Chris Cochran for the following reasons: I am honored and blessed to be acquainted with Rev. Chris Cochran. He is a man of utmost integrity and ministers with a genuine “heart of compassion.” I am blessed to have experienced firsthand the excellence exhibited in Rev. Cochran during my time at Kenneth Hagin’s Prayer and Healing School as coordinator. Because of Rev. Cochran’s faithfulness to the Word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the attendees were so greatly blessed.

I sincerely recommend Rev. Chris Cochran for your church, and I can assure you that you will be blessed exceedingly abundantly in every way.

In His Service,

Jim Hockaday (Jim Hockaday Ministries)
Former Kenneth Hagin Ministries Prayer and Healing Center Coordinator

It gives me great pleasure to recommend for your consideration Rev. Chris Cochran.  He graduated from Oral Roberts University with his degree in Biblical Literature.  He is a polite, respectful person who is willing to listen to other people's positions openly and yet has strong convictions of his own.

In class, he proved to be an excellent student who did more than is normally required.  He took Biblical Greek and can use it well. His knowledge and recall of the Bible is phenomenal.  He is able to converse with learned scholars, benefit from their labors and apply it to the Christian walk with the happy knack of communicating to the many.  One senses a powerful call on his life.  He is committed to loving God with both mind, heart and resources.  I would be most comfortable if he were my pastor or colleague.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

James B. Shelton, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament
Department of Theology
Oral Roberts University

The purpose of this letter is to give a pastoral endorsement to the ministry of Rev. Chris Cochran. Chris, along with his wife Marisa, came to El Paso, Texas and ministered powerfully to our congregation in our Sunday Morning Worship Service. Chris rightly divided the Word of God with simplicity, yet with accuracy. The result? The Lord confirmed the teaching of the Word with a strong healing anointing, producing mighty praise reports of healing via the power of God that manifested through this ministry. Rev. Cochran is a great blessing to the local church and I would highly encourage pastors to consider having Rev. Chris Cochran minister at your pulpit. You and your church will be abundantly blessed!

Pastor Gil Z. Zaragoza
Faith Bible Fellowship of El Paso, TX

Rev. Cochran is full of revelation of God’s Word and delivers it with signs following. He was a great blessing to our congregation.

Pastor Keith A. Butler II
Former Pastor of Faith Christian Center Smyrna, GA
Current Executive Pastor of Word of Faith Int. Christian Center Southfield, MI